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My Brother The Islamist: dealing with the shock and hurt

I first discovered that Richard, my step brother, had turn into an Islamist in a newspaper article. My initial response become one of disbelief – it needed to be a person else, or a mistake…however wasn’t. wealthy become the newest recruit of a person dubbed through the media probably the most wrong man in Britain, Anjem Choudary.

Robb Leech and his brother rich, now referred to as Salahuddin in My Brother The Islamist

In some respects the determination to make a movie, My Brother The Islamist, changed into an easy one; i used to be an aspiring filmmaker and earlier than my eyes became an incredibly topical, captivating and enjoyable fable that I felt a accountability to inform. however on a private degree, it turned into poker online a lot extra complicated. It became one issue telling a story, however to be deeply worried with the very emotional core of that record… I knew it will be a attractive stability between the role of filmmaker and the reality of being a part of a family so profoundly affected.

thankfully, the household have been supportive. None of us knew anything about these unfavorable jihadists who prosperous now viewed as brothers, or what they believed in, or even what wealthy turned into like, now he had modified his name to Salahuddin and become calling for Sharia legislations across the uk. i needed to get to the backside of issues and besides the fact that children the condition turned into extraordinarily sensitive and upsetting for the household, I feel they understood that making a movie become my means of doing this, and if what I found out on my event could go some way to elevate the ominous darkish clouds of the unknown, they would stand behind me.

Twelve months later and i believe that the movie, despite the feelings it has delivered to surface, has long gone a long strategy to carry these dark clouds. we can now see rich in broad daylight hours, smartly nearly. He might also still grasp the equal views and dream of the total destruction of the west, but as a minimum we now have an insight and suppose we are able to now interact with this distant world wherein he and his brothers inhabit.

there were moments of real shock and hurt, reminiscent of when prosperous instructed me he would not shake my hand as a result of i used to be a grimy kafir or when I watched as he and the brothers publicly burned the American flag on the anniversary of 911. however because the documentary, there had been moments of real hope too. I recently met with wealthy after he had been given the rare possibility of a preview. His feelings have been mixed, however after we had comprehensive speakme and i had acquired returned into my automobile, i noticed he turned into jogging again in opposition t me. I switched off the engine and acquired out. He shook my hand “…sorry about the handshaking aspect” he stated.”I did not mean to trigger offence…” I drove away with a smile on my face; it become comforting to know that issues can trade, besides the fact that handiest with a fleeting handshake.

Robb Leech directs My Brother The Islamist. that you may watch the documentary at 9pm tonight on BBC Three.

For extra suggestions about the programme and hyperlinks to discover extra about Islam, discuss with the My Brother The Islamist site.

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