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The religiosity conundrum

Sir: Apropos to the article by Mr Raoof Hasan, published during this paper on may also 29, 2018, all secular and non secular constitutions give protection to minorities as equal residents.

lamentably, a section of so-called conservatives fundamentalists interpret our constitutional provisions to justify persecution of minorities. the debate between radical Islamists fundamentalists and liberal reformers is very old.

The liberals like Farag Fuda and Abu Zayd from Egypt examine the sources of Islamic sharia in terms of time and area ancient relativism. They advocated studying holy texts in our daftar poker personal terms, interpreting them based on spirit and intentions. The radials conservatives viewed the liberals as heretics or apostates. Farag became murdered in 1992 and Abu-Zayd exiled in the following years.

The conservatives say `Islam is finished’, which means there isn’t any room for any reform. the man in the street sees no undisputed Islamic mannequin in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan or any place.

We ‘circumcised’ some banking, civil and crook legal guidelines to show case them as Islamic. for instance, we brought PLS, Modarba and Musharika. nearly, there turned into no tangible impact on society, financial system or polity. In foreign assist and alternate, we conformed to secular principles.

We proceed to occupy interest-primarily based loans and pay debt service. The Islamic punishments added via Ziaul Haq had a really questionable influence. Sami Zubaida points out in his booklet law and power within the Islamic World p. 224, “it’s ironic that so-referred to as Islamic punishments are described as `medieval’, when really, medieval jurists and judges confirmed super restraint in their utility whereas modern dictators flaunt them as a spiritual legitimacy”.

The Islamisation of legal guidelines is viewed via critics as hypocritical. we’ve a long record of Constitutional rights. however, a proviso makes them non-enforceable through courts. Our Qanun-Shahadat defines qualifications of a witness Tazkia-tus-Shahood. but, it softens its Palladian to accept any witness if the most suitable witness isn’t attainable. The much less said about theSadiq and Ameen clauses, the more advantageous.

A decide has to come to a decision in line with legislations now not according to his sense of right and wrong and divine authority. An illustration is ban on playing like circuses by way of one decide. The determination turned into turned down on attraction as it is PEMRA’s job no longer the courts’ to adjudicate this type of matter.

let us face the actuality. We need to evolve and show off a politico-economic mannequin of Islam it really is appropriate with foreign practices. If here’s now not possible, dispense with hypocritical patchwork, and go for secularism.




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